Cisco Entrepreneur Institute “WordPress for Startups” Workshop

Cisco Entrepreneur Institute at AMIDEAST/Lebanon and Digico Solutions invites you to attend a Power Session on “WordPress for Startups”.

Anas Khattar, MIS, and Ryan Bou Hamdan, graphic designer from i’clektic Digital Design Studio will facilitate an interactive session on WordPress.

Outline of the session:

  • What is “Wordpress”
  • How to setup a “Wordpress” account online
  • Understanding the difference between posts and pages
  • Customizing your “Wordpress” profile
  • Experimenting and getting online support

Benefits to Entrepreneurs:

  • Understand what WordPress is and how it started
  • Learn how to set up a WordPress account with all its details
  • Identify the difference between a WordPress blog and a website
  • Decide what suits each specific business

This session is open to:

  • Cisco Entrepreneur Institute workshop participants for a  $10 contribution
  • Non-workshop participants for a  $20 contribution

About i’clektic Digital Design Studio:

The company’s name “i’clektic” is derived from Eclecticism which comes from the Greek “ἐκλεκτικός” (eklektikos), literally meaning “the best”. Eclecticism, is a conceptual approach that does not hold rigidly to a single paradigm or set of assumptions, but instead draws upon multiple theories, styles, or ideas to gain complementary insights into a subject, or applies different theories in particular cases, and choosing the best of them all.

If ten years ago, web-presence came last, now, it’s an initial priority and a corner stone. It’s a first point of contact with clients and a centralized meeting point where major stakeholders are communicating, interacting and working. A website becomes the transformation of the brand and business itself.

The team at i’clektic knows and embraces the diversity of humanity that is evident in its biggest creation, the internet. They are here to aid these companies and businesses choose the best fitting web-technologies that match their persona.

So, within the web of world of design, they are familiar with every genre of projects and are able to execute them with ease. They are big on collaboration; their core values are about working with people and they believe in the keen power of collaborative wisdom.


  • The number of participants will be limited to 15 and registrations will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Those waitlisted will be notified if a spot opens up