Digico Moves to Dublin

Digico is delighted to have recently relocated to Dublin, an often overlooked but startup booming city with many advantages over other EU business cities such as Frankfurt or Paris. dublin-195319_1920

We are looking forward to networking with other digital companies in Ireland and developing new connections in Dublin’s thriving and creative business environment! If you are thinking of relocating your business to within the European Union, learn more about just five of the many reasons why we have made the smart move to Ireland.

  1. Ireland’s corporate tax rate is the lowest in Western Europe – just 12.5% compared to the average of 23% within the EU. Compare this to France, whose corporate tax rate is 33% or Germany where it is 30%, and the difference is clear to see. The low tax rate in Ireland is applicable on the trading income of Irish resident companies as well as Irish branches of foreign companies.
  2. Ireland offers enticing tax credits of 25% for Research and Development, so it makes sense that six out of ten of the world’s most innovative companies are based here. These credits include staff and salary related costs in conjunction with corporate tax credits. Start up relief is also provided for new businesses whose profits are less than 320k, with marginal relief where profits are below 480k!
  3. Forbes magazine recently rated Ireland 4th in their “Best Countries To Do Business” report! Metrics such as innovation, technology, taxes, stock and market performance were all measured. No wonder that 10 of the Top 10 ‘Born on the Internet’ companies have chosen Ireland as their base.
  4. Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the EU. With Dublin being just under a one-hour flight from London, Ireland also has available infrastructure across the country. Other benefits include easy travel links to the Middle East and the US, with Ireland being the only EU country to have US immigration pre-clearance at Dublin Airport.
  5. The workforce in Ireland is highly educated and culturally diverse. Did you know that Ireland was ranked 10th in the world for the ready availability of skilled labor and 1st in the world for the flexibility and adaptability of the workforce by the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook? More than 50% of Irish citizens aged 30-34 have a full third level education, higher than any other country in the EU.

These are just some of the many reasons as to why Digico have made a move to the exciting city of Dublin. We are looking forward to growing our business here, and of course to helping you to improve yours!