Digico Solutions: {Hello World}

The truth is the pace of change in the digital business today is so high that if you’re not taking a risk, you’re taking a risk. Being a great risk-taker is all about being thoughtful, being analytical, and we’re set out to prove it.

One of my favourite quotes is “The world leaders in innovation and creativity “will also be the world leaders in everything else.” I believe this. Organisations today have to work very hard to stay competitive and survive in the digital marketplace, but just surviving is not sufficient. Companies want to grow and ultimately increase in value to their shareholders, but the ways of doing that are pretty limited.

The only real, sustainable and virtually unlimited source of new growth for any organisation is innovation. And we realised that change follows a set of patterns. These patterns can be reapplied to invent new products and services

Innovation is about making the world a better place, and Digico is set to build hand in hand with it clients and partners solutions that will help them do just that.

Under this flag setting up Digico was a sprint full of motivation. We are starting from Lebanon a country known in the MENA region for its innovative business ecosystem and abundance of skilled talent. We organised five essential milestones on this journey to launch our digital and IT consulting agency Digico Solutions:

  1. Set up our physical workspace, practically.
  2. Find the right business coaches and technical experts.
  3. Structure Digico with the most optimal legal framework.
  4. Recruit the best team as part of our future business family.
  5. Get business.

And today I am launching the last milestone by writing our first blog post. Blogging is at the core of our lean and inbound marketing strategy that we wish to share with our clients and audience.

Bio about the founders:

Anas Khattar
Anas is an expert at IT and adds a fresh design perspective to all projects. His background is in computer engineering and business. Anas personally oversees the workflow of every project and provides creative support to both clients and the Digico team.

Ryan Bou-Hamdan
Ryan is an inspirational digital artist whose user-centered design work focuses on simplicity of design, clarity of information and ease of navigation. He deploys advanced UX techniques in developing digital apps that help in maintaining existing customers and grabbing the attention of new ones.