Digico Solutions at WebSummit 2015

A host of young Middle Eastern firms from Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are also expected, including Transterra Media, a Lebanon-based news agency that provides on-demand human-interest video and photo content.

The Jordanian start-up eKtab, which is the first and largest Arabic electronic-book marketplace and publishing company, will also be in Dublin, along with the Dubai-based Drawdeck, which has developed an online community connecting artists, companies and art lovers.

This week’s Dublin-based Web Summit will have something of a Latin flavour, with a large number of start-ups coming from South America. At least 16 young companies are coming from Brazil alone, and there will also be representatives from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

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Digico at ArabNet 2014

For the sixth consecutive year, ArabNet Beirut brought together the hottest trends and startups in digital business, covering everything from e-commerce and digital media to innovations in hardware.

The conference tackled the growing role of banks in the entrepreneurship ecosystem with a panel focusing on Circular 331 initiated by BDL

; in addition to several topics such as developing great video content for the web; working with influencers in e-marketing; and more on customer service, fashion, entertainment and production.

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Digico Team at WebIT Congress 2013

The Global Webit Congress made its way among the biggest and most attended international forums for the digital and technology industry. Webit Congress’s Founder and Chairman Plamen Russev gave an opening speech at 6 November 2013: “Today Istanbul is even more amazing! It welcomes some of the brightest people on Earth to attend the Global Webit Congress. Digital marketing and technology ecosystems, investors, entrepreneurs and scalable startups from all over the world shall connects and network during the 2 days of the forum”

The United Nations of Digital & Technology

This is how the 8200 attendees from 103 countries, the 300 speakers, exhibitors and  300 media perceived the Global Webit Congress. Over 160 000 people watched the Congress online.

“Webit is amazing in scale and unique in content” says Ben Barrocas, General Manager Maretplace of Google, “Webit is the United Nations of Digital” said Aseem Chadra VP Adobe, “For the past 5 years Webit turned into one of the worlds most exciting and important industry events” stated Andery Sebrant from, Yandex, “Webit may establish Istanbul as one of the most important hubs of the global digital industry and as attraction point for the talents, entrepreneurs, ideas and investors capital” was the most repeated phrase during the Congress by the thousands of attendees who visited from all around the world.

webit-2013For us the Congress is not a magic as many attendees said. It is a result of a very hard work by a huge team of amazing people who managed to bring top global experts and speakers from all around the world to join us in Istanbul and to be a magnet for the thousands of people from 103 countries to join” said Aniela Russeva – Executive Director of Webit Congress.

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