Venturing into Animated Promotional Videos

Believe it or not, the fourth Quarter is coming upon us! Furthermore, as an organisation, you’re most likely in 1 of 3 spots:

  1. You could nail your objectives and sit back cheerily.
  2. You’re spot on the edge of your goals looking at those not wrong, but rather not high either, numbers thinking about how to ensure they swing the correct way the last part of the year.
  3. Then again, you may have extremely overestimated development this year, and you have to recover some good magic to turn around your fortunes.

Regardless of which of those three you are, Q4 is still a crucial time!

Whether you’re sitting up and acknowledging you could make additional numbers, you need more steadiness through the end the year, or you have to move techniques rapidly and proficiently, we need to pose a question postured by one of the foremost thought pioneers about our time:

“Have you met video marketing?” – Barney Stinson

Let’s hold our horses for a bit here, how about a reality check for a moment. Video advertising isn’t magic – however, it is powerful. It’s not a Harry Potter wand that you can point at your issues – it’s more similar to eating some of Popeye’s spinach.

When utilised accurately, Video is capable of securing your year, or it can be the ignition catch to move your organisation’s showcasing strategy capacities. Take these real statistics, for instance:

  1. Videos can build purchase intent 97% and brand relationship by 139%.
  2. The regular client watches 16 minutes of online video advertisements every month.
  3. Dr James McQuivey says that one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words – pictures wherever sobbed when told this. Miserable, huh?

Thus, we feel confident that video advertising will improve your Q4 than it would be something else. One and only issue. To get results, you don’t have time to test and upgrade. You have to realise what works and you get it now. Unlike any motion picture made by DC Comics, we can deliver what you need.